Our philosophy

Strathfield One Stop Child Care Service uses the Early Years Learning Framework “in partnership with families, children’s first and most influential educators, to develop learning programs responsive to children’s ideas, interests, strengths and abilities, and recognise that children learn through play” (Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace, (2009). BELONGING, BEING & BECOMING The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia). In accordance with this curriculum we aim to extend and enrich children’s learning from birth through to the transition to school. Our educators develop physical learning environments that are secure and predictable with adequate space and appropriate facilities and resources to enable children to choose what they will do catering for different learning capacities and learning styles to invite children and families to contribute ideas, interests and questions (EYLF, 2009, Standard 3.2).

With regard to children
Experiences in relationships and participation in communities contribute to children’s belonging, being and becoming (EYLF, 2009). We seek to know each child personally through observation, interaction and continuous liaison with families. We develop and maintain respectful and equitable relationships with each child as interactions are warm and responsive working towards building trusting relationships (Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority, (2001). National Quality Framework). Our program is designed to support children’s learning in all areas of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF, 2009). Children are guided to recognise and express their own feelings as well as to develop empathy, sympathy and respect towards others. We promote good health and hygiene practices in conjunction with current recommendations from relevant bodies through the provision of relevant activities, experiences and daily routines.

With regard to families
We welcome all families and members of the community to be involved in the service and contribute to service decisions (NQS, Quality Area 6, Element 6.1.2, 2011). Open communication is valued between the families and educators. We believe that partnerships are important as they are based on foundations of understanding each other’s expectations and attitudes, and build on the strength of each other’s knowledge (EYLF, 2009). We act as a resource for families offering support and advice when needed. We value all families and the individuality that they bring to Strathfield One Stop Child Care Service. We love and respect diversity therefore we incorporate the practices, values and beliefs of our families within an inclusive curriculum.

With regard to Early Childhood Educators
We support the development of a strong sense of wellbeing (EYLF, 2009). We interact positively with one another and the children in all aspects of their learning. We believe that the foundation of learning is built on the relationships we create, foster and maintain between one another, the children and the families of our centre community. As educators, we examine what happens in our settings and reflect on that which needs to change. We continuously seek ways to build on our professional knowledge and become co-learners with children, families and the community.

– Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority, (2001). National Quality Framework
– Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace, (2009). BELONGING, BEING & BECOMING The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia.

Date reviewed by Committee, Families and Educators: August 2016
Date to be reviewed: TBD

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